The religious Congregation for women of the SISTERS OF THE ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT (SABS) has its origin from the deep Eucharistic experience of the Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry (1873-1925). He was an ardent devotee of the Holy Eucharist.

The inner call received by him was that Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament must be widely known, loved and adored by all, always and everywhere. He shares this charism with Mother Mary Francesca de Chandal, the co-foundress. The congregation came into being on 8th December 1908.

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Our Founder-Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry   Co-Foundress-Mother Mary Francis De Chantal

His Holiness Pope Paul VI raised the congregation to the Pontifical status on 11th February 1968. The little seed sown by our valiant and courageous founder has grown in to a mighty tree with 5000 members. At present, it has 19 provinces and 2 regions, rendering services in 103 dioceses.

The perpetual Adoration centres where adoration of the Holy Eucharis is carried out around the clock are the powerhouse of our congregation for the spiritual renewal of our members and service of humanity, There are 77 adoration centres all over the country.

The charism of SABS is Eucharistic devotion sprung from Eucharistic love. Each day every SABS should have a holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament praying for the salvation of all and for the reparation for the sins of the whole world. The whole congregation is taken as unit to continue adoration throughout the day and night covering the whole year.

The sisters are actively involved in education, healing ministry and family apostolate in parishes. By now the congregation has spread all over India, reaching its message to every nook and corner where the spiritually starving people are situated.

Our Charism

Our charism is the devotion to the Holy Eucharist, which consists in a life of total surrender, result of a deep experience of the presence of the Eucharistic Lord within our hearts. The core of this devotion is a deep personal attachment to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Our Identity

Our identity lies in being genuine adorers, in truth and spirit with Jesus who is ever present in the Holy Eucharist. Fulfilling always the will of God in everything, we surrender our life as a sacrifice, and offer constant worship to Him.

Our Goal

To offer ourselves as pleasing sacrifice to God for the reparation of the sins of the world and to bring the entire creation to the Heavenly Father through the Eucharistic Lord.

Our Spirituality

Our spirituality is the Eucharistic spirituality centered on the Holy Eucharist and the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which consists in becoming holocausts in order to give life to others. Contemplating the face of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, we lead a life of deep humility, infinite love and unending mercy.

Our Spirit

The spirit of our congregation is self-sacrifice(Kenosis), the essence of which is an attitude of self-gift and asceticism. It demands from us a readiness to give up all that we are and all that we have for the love of God.

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News & Events

Aspirancy – 16th June

Nine of our Pre- Aspirants entered in to Aspirancy at St.Xaviers Convent Komelalepetta.

Blessing of the Shelter Home – 23rd June

Karunalaya, the newly built Shelter Home at Kometelapetta was blessed by Most Rev. Aplinar Senapati , Bishop of Rayagada.

Pre-Aspirancy – 28th June

11 0f our candidates entered Pre-Aspirancy in Deepti Bhavan Rayagada.

Night Adoration – 28 June

Night Adoration began in Deepti Bhavan Rayagada.

Orientation Programme – 6th & 7th July

Two days Orientation Programme for Local Superios was conducted in the Provincial House on 6th & 7th July 2016.

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