Keeping the vision of our founder, Education remains as one the most significant areas of apostolate in the region.

Our Apostolate of Education is a divine call to take part in the teaching ministry of the church.The main aim of our education ministry is to provide good character formation of the students and transformation of the society.

As per our founders vision, we Impart spiritual lessons along with academic ones to form the young generation to become good citizens. We try to uphold the moral values and give emphasis for value oriented education and character and faith formation of the children.

Through Education- helping the parish schools and running hostels for the poor girls and promotion of non-formal education, women empowerment programs, Relief and rehabilitation etc

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News & Events

Aspirancy – 16th June

Nine of our Pre- Aspirants entered in to Aspirancy at St.Xaviers Convent Komelalepetta.

Blessing of the Shelter Home – 23rd June

Karunalaya, the newly built Shelter Home at Kometelapetta was blessed by Most Rev. Aplinar Senapati , Bishop of Rayagada.

Pre-Aspirancy – 28th June

11 0f our candidates entered Pre-Aspirancy in Deepti Bhavan Rayagada.

Night Adoration – 28 June

Night Adoration began in Deepti Bhavan Rayagada.

Orientation Programme – 6th & 7th July

Two days Orientation Programme for Local Superios was conducted in the Provincial House on 6th & 7th July 2016.

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